Anonymous asked: “ Have you had a gander at Dishonored / played it yet? It looks so cool~ ”

It does look VERY cool. I mean, it looks basically like Bioshock cross with Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect. However, I’m gonna wait until the release hype has died down and it drops in price before I pick that title up :)

Anonymous asked: “ Comic books you own and/or would like to own? ”

Nice try, Santa. You’re meant to know everything ;)

Lol. Uhm. It would be easier to just tell you what I don’t own. My comic book collection is ever growing but i’ve been tending to buy singular issues of runs I’m currently reading (batgirl, batwoman, adventure time & marceline and the scream queens) instead of collected volumes. But I do have a lot of batman titles, couple of alan moore classics (v for vendetta/watchmen), scott pilgrim etc. I can’t even think off the top of my head what I actually own and I’m too lazy to walk 10 seconds to my room and look.
As for what I would like to ADD to that collection, well, more Batman titles ofc, not sure which ones though. I usually go off recommendations from people who run the comic book stores. But I’d like to add “Joker” to my collection, even though I’ve read it. The art style is amazing, the same with The Dark Knight Strikes again (<3 Frank Millar). I’ve also always wanted to Pick up “A Death in the Family” because it’s such a MASSIVE event in the Batman universe.
I can’t really think of anymore without actually seeing the books sooo.

Also I really want the special hard back full colour re release of Scott Pilgrim. So Shiny. And Wet Moon vol 4-6 cause I don’t have those. I also had this other book by Ross Campbell called “The Abandonded” and it was a one off zombie apocalypse story and it was fuckin AWESOME, but I have no idea where my copy is and its like, out of print now :C

Anyway, this was a completely random and inconspicuous question to ask me, but I did enjoy answering it! So thank you :D

Anonymous asked: “ Your haircut really suits you whoa ”

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: “ I understand. You don't have to talk about anything. I know that from a stranger it sounds creepy but I care what happens to you. ”

Thank you for caring.

Anonymous asked: “ What's up? ”

Its not something I want to talk about. Let alone with strangers. Sorry.

Anonymous asked: “ Do you have a River Song journal? ”

No I wish I did though. They’re awesome.

Anonymous asked: “ If you didn't know, it's called an undercut :] (Bri's hair-do) ”

Lol, I did know that. I’ve always called it a “shaved bit” or “fuzzy bit” - sort of an in joke thing that i’ve had with a few people.

Anonymous asked: “ I was just wondering if there's a reason you don't have replies enabled? ”

I should, people are and have been able to reply to my posts. Not sure why its not working for you. You have to follow me, I think.

Anonymous asked: “ yessss! I feel so helpful :3 ”


Anonymous asked: “ Please call your kitten BMO. ”

holy shit.

Thats probably the best idea ever. Works for a boy or a girl. THANK YOU ANON